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Dim Sum 101
Dim Sum 101
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Dim Sum (Yum Cha) is technically brunch in the Far East.  Dim Sum is served for breakfast and lunch (10 am till 3 pm at Li Wah). The baked, fried, or steamed goods usually come with 3 or 4 pieces to an order. You are expected to SHARE. Asian consider it barbaric that this plate is yours and that plate is mine.  Thus, every table has appetizer plates for you to eat from. Sharing is ESSENTIAL to developing a better RELATIONSHIP.  Dim sum carts will roll past every table throughout the restaurant. Guests will pick the dim sum items as the carts roll by.

Cha stands for tea.  Tea is automatically served when seated.  Li Wah carries 6 different blends of tea. The tea charge varies from .80 cents per person to 1.00 per person depending upon tea selection.  When your tea pot is empty or needs to be refreshed, simply leave the teapot lid open.  If you want the tea cold, throw some ice in and close the lid.

Asian eat a variety of eclectic vegetables and meats. Many items can seem quite bizzare. At Li Wah, you can try Chinese Brocoli (Gai Lan), Yu Choy, Pea pod leaves (dao mu), or Bittermelon (Foo Gaw).  This list is only a few of the assorted vegetables in the restaurant.  Unfortunately, Chinese people have been raised on a  predominately pork, poultry (duck and chicken), and seafood diet. Many Asians are lactose intolerant due to the lack of cows in the region. Nevertheless,  roast duck, Peking duck, and roast pig are wonderful meats to try. Li Wah specializes in jelly fish, soft shell crab, fried calamari, live lobsters, live crabs, and fresh (actively swimming) fish.

Many weekly customers come from Erie, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Toledo, and Youngstown to Yum Cha.  Li Wah is a wonderful place to experience true taste of the far East. 

2999 Payne Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
216-696-6556 or 216-589-9552